International Attendees

Healthcare Packaging EXPO Welcomes Attendees from 132 Countries

Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019 is worth the trip! It is a unique opportunity for you to explore production solutions designed for pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as to see packaging  technologies for all industries (at co-located PACK EXPO Las Vegas).

International Attendee
You Are Invited to Our International Business Center
  • Located in the South Hall, Room S-224
  • Coffee, refreshments and comfortable seating
  • Charging stations for your electronic devices
  • Interpreters fluent in several languages
  • Assistance identifying and locating suppliers

International attendees are advised to register as early as possible.

  • To receive your badge by mail, you must register by August 9. (If registering after this deadline, you will need to pick up your badge in Las Vegas.)  
  • Allow sufficient time to apply for a travel visa (up to three months).
  • Book your hotel as soon as you register, as hotel rooms often sell out.
  • Contact exhibitors to make appointments to speak with them one on one.

The price of registration is USD$30 through August 30; USD$100 after August 30.

Registration includes:

Due to changing policies for visiting the United States, we strongly recommend that you consult the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website at and the State Department website at for the most up-to-date information on:

  • Check the visa appointment and processing wait times for your local Embassy/Consulate on
  • Register for the show as soon as possible and request a Letter of Invitation.
  • Within a few days of processing your registration payment, PACK EXPO Las Vegas will send you an email with a PDF of your Letter of Invitation. Print this letter to bring to your visa interview.
  • Reserve your hotel room through the official Healthcare Packaging EXPO Hotel Reservation Office (Expovision) and include the confirmation in the papers you bring to your interview.
  • Use My Show Planner to find exhibitors, create an agenda with specific suppliers you intend to see at the show and print out your agenda to present at your visa interview.
  • Compile additional evidence that demonstrates your purpose in attending Healthcare Packaging EXPO and your intent to return home after the show. This includes:
    • Proof of employment
    • Proof of family ties, home ownership and other financial interests
    • Records of previous trips out of the country

For the best prices and service, we encourage you to use the PACK EXPO Hotel Reservation Office (Expovision). 

If you have any questions about hotel reservations, send an email to [email protected] +1-866-523-0877 or 703-205-0480.

Please note: Beware of third-party hotel broker scams, demanding pre-payment. No deposits are charged at the time of booking. All reservations for PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019 require a credit card guarantee or a check deposit.

For questions about registration, send an email to Convention Data Services at [email protected] or call +1-508-743-8503.

For inquiries regarding the International Business Center or Las Vegas Convention Center, send an email to PMMI at [email protected].

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