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Powerful Solutions for Medical Device Packaging

At Healthcare Packaging EXPO you’ll find the very latest packaging machinery and equipment, materials, containers and automation technology for medical devices, allowing you to meet regulatory, consumer and internal production demands.

Additionally, you can discover crossover solutions from industries such as food and beverage at co-located PACK EXPO Las Vegas—a benefit no other pharma show can claim.

  • Explore medical-grade papers, polymers and plastics that can withstand the heat cycle and preserve sterility. Don’t miss the Containers and Materials Pavilion!
  • Discover advances in smart packaging, adaptable labeling systems and other versatile and customizable printing applications in The PACKage Printing Pavilion.
  • Find solutions for increasing functionality, sustainability and cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of sterility and safety.
  • Evaluate systems that can help to ensure traceability, validity and security.




Canada approves first Marijuana medical device

Health Canada has approved a smart vaporizer for a Medical Device License for cannabis use.



What hospitals want

Getting new medical devices into a facility is a big decision, here are four things hospitals consider when buying medical devices.



Shaped pouch integral to pump

Described as the world’s first all-in-one wearable breast pump, it incorporates a doughnut-shaped pouch/bag that holds breast milk. An oval cutout in the center of the bag makes it fit seamlessly within the pump.



Developments in medical device sterilization market

Improper sterilization and the poor hygiene of medical equipment lead to thousands of unnecessary infections annually. A new report examines new products that aim to kill the bugs.



Fixing the smallest broken heart

A new transcatheter is the smallest device approved for pediatric patients.



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