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Powerful Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions

At Healthcare Packaging EXPO you’ll find the very latest supply chain technologies for pharmaceuticals and biologics, allowing you to meet regulatory, consumer and internal production demands.

Additionally, you can discover crossover solutions from industries such as food and beverage at co-located PACK EXPO Las Vegas—a benefit no other pharma show can claim.

  • Explore medical-grade papers, polymers and plastics in the Containers and Materials Pavilion.
  • Discover advances in smart packaging, adaptable labeling systems and other versatile and customizable printing applications in The PACKage Printing Pavilion.
  • Find solutions for increasing functionality, sustainability and cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
  • Evaluate systems that can help to ensure traceability, validity and security. 


Transforming online pharmacy market

Amazon’s interest in the healthcare sector creates new packaging opportunities for pharmaceuticals and healthcare.



Patent cliff paves the way for new growth

Expiring patents are expected to stimulate growth and demand for packaging machinery.



Speed syringe filling

Designed to aid compounding pharmacies in precise robotic picking of loose syringes, vision systems are more than just an accessory.



Supplier Role in Single-Use Validation?

Single-use equipment offers cost savings in development, manufacturing and facility operations. Pharmaceutical companies can lessen their distress by testing their selected equipment materials, but without a lot of experience, it's hard to know if the FDA is going to accept self-validation. Thus, drug manufacturers would prefer and have begun to request that equipment suppliers do much of the initial qualification testing for extractable materials.



Generics vs. Biosimilars: Similar but Different Advantages

Biosimilars have the same clinical effect as a generic but are only as similar to the original branded drug as validation technologies can confirm.



Four Major Trends in Pharmaceutical

With constant development and change, new trends are shaping the drug industry — including new serialization technologies and inspection technologies. Additionally, new processing equipment is being developed to handle the novel biological formulations and personalized medicines that are becoming more prevalent in today’s market.



Pharmaceutical Logistics Market Shows Fragmentation

As products evolve, international and domestic companies, cold chain and cloud-based supply chain functions are all part of a more complex market.



Survey Reveals Serialization’s Potential Across Industries

New survey reports that companies across different industries consider the most important advantages of serialization to be protection against brand and product piracy and greater transparency in the logistics chain.



Can Unit-Dose Packaging Reduce Opioid Abuse?

Though not a mandate, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb recognizes that blister packaging could help alleviate addiction, abuse and overdosing of medications such as opioids and loperamide.



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